KORT a successful role model for relief activities: Gandapur

Ali Amin Gandapur


Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust, Islamabad Office, was officially inaugurated by Federal Minister for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs, Ali Amin Gandapur on Saturday. The Minister expressed his gratitude to Chairman KORT, Ch. Mohammad Akhtar and his team, and their continuous relief activities since the 2005 earthquake, Covid-19, for orphans and needy people.
He said, “I have visited KORT and found out that KORT has the best facilities for orphan children, their education system, living condition, and facilities for co-curricular activities are exceptional.
I have also let our Prime Minister know about the great work KORT is doing in Kashmir and different parts of Pakistan.” Amin added that KORT started relief activities during the Covid-19 pandemic in different regions of the country.
They have supplied food, medicine, and health items to the needy and deserving people at their doorsteps. KORT has set examples of relief work in Pakistan. The Federal minister said that People from all over the world and Pakistan trust KORT with their donations/ Zakat as they know their donations are being used fairly for serving humanity.
KORT is changing the future of nation, through educating orphan children, providing shelter to needy and earthquake struck people, he said.
If such teams are made in every region, and people look after themselves at their own then the dream of State of Medina will be accomplished, he added.
Altaf Ahmed Bhat, President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement, speaking on the occasion, said that KORT was one of the successful models of Pakistan, which should be followed by other such organizations.
“KORT is providing hope to the hopeless and needy people, KORT’s model is futuristic which could change the fate of thousands and lead the nations towards a progressive state.
Bhat appreciated Ch Akhter for his continuous humanitarian work since 2005’s earthquake. Ch Akhter’s intentions are the sole reason KORT has become a successful model in Pakistan and appreciated by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
“The Pakistani nation contributes enormously to charity, the need of the hour is to centralize it, and to use it through dedicated and already existing relief organizations,” Bhat added.
Chairman KORT, Ch. Mohammad Akhtar, in his remarks said that they want to expand KORT work and enhance welfare and wellbeing of children at risk and also to support vulnerable communities across the country. Former Chief Secretary and Federal Secretary Interior Mian Wahid Uddin (Ambassador KORT), media persons and others were also present in the opening ceremony.